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Last week was kinda hectic and this one is nothing different. Already on Sunday, all of a sudden, Harry appeared in NY!

It was Harry Josh’s Pre Met Gala Party, which, coincidentally, is the same guy who made Dora’s hair for that “let’s forget” Golden Globes this year. Just Jared, of course, covered the party and dedicated an entire article to Sam.

We found it curious that Sam was photographed alone. No one wanted to take a picture with him?

Truth be told, SIS was worried.

Our chocolate covered Carrot Cake was as beautiful as ever, but his face was not very good… And he had bruises on it too:


We kept thinking: Did he get hurt during shootings? He seemed to be exhausted, after all, had a birthday celebration in the middle of a hectic week of filming with night schedule and everything.

Dora also appeared in a video for the Repeal the 8th campaign, which is going around in Ireland, and also appeared to be quite tired.

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STARZ, please don’t kill them, ok? We love the show, but we want them well in the first place!


When we saw Harry in NY, we already knew what was waiting for us. And we were right.

Monday came and there were we, beautiful, thin and  recovering from the caipirinhas we had over the weekend…



When suddenly we saw this:
Screenshot_2 sam e stalker 34

OK!! No need to panic! Repeat our mantra: we are together, we are together ...


Let’s look at it very calmly:

  1. This person who posted the photo is a celebrity hunter and is known among celebrities. She says she’s a fan who takes pictures when she meets the artists she likes, but it seems she finds an artist around the every corner. If you go for a spin on her IG, you’ll notice it that in about 2 seconds;
  1. It wasn’t the first time she took a photo with Sam (it was the fourth time!) and she even met Dora, but she does not follow either of them in the IG. We would like to know what kind of fan is this that doesn’t follow their idols on any social midia?! Does she have a crystal ball?
  1. Her comments on the celebrity pics she takes looks more like a press release than a caption from a fan;
  2. She stated that Sam and MM would go to the Met Gala and that did not happen (as was to be expected, right?). So the next day she changed that part of the comment:

5. She also said that it was Chocolate thingy who took her picture with Sam. Well, we have no evidence that she was or was not with him in NY. Just Jared did not post any photos and did not even mention that she was there (do they really think JJ would miss the chance to say she was there, huh?), She did not post anything on her Instagram, and we know very well how Smurfette likes to show when she’s somewhere near Harry. The only time she was mention on this trip was this celebrity hunter;

If she is a celebrity hunter and loves taking photos with all of them, why didn’t she take a photo with Mackenzie Mauzy?! After all, she’s an actress, why didn’t she deserve recognition from the girl? Some people shared this same doubt and she gave the following answer:

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WhatsApp Image 2018-05-12 at 14.53.06

Wait a minute, let’s see if we understood this right: She is a fan stalker, takes photos with ALL celebrities, as we saw on her GI, but she only takes pictures with people that she knows and admires their job, right? OK!

giphy (1)

She said that Chocolate thingy is certainly very talented but doesn’t know any of her work … Hunnn … How does she know she’s talented then??


SIS will help you, dear stalker!

We recommend Forever, which was an ABC series where the little girl played the character Abigail Morgan, a nurse during World War II, in which, in the midst of chaos, she met her future husband, Dr. Henry Morgan, who had the power of immortality. Despite having only one season, the series is good and her character was great!

We also recommend Into the Woods, a movie that Chocolate Thingy made with the great Meryl Streep. The movie is not a big deal, but it’s worth it because of Meryl.

Now you know, the next time you meet Smurfette, you’ll be up-to-date with her work (which is not that many) and you can ask to take a picture with her too! How about taking a picture of the happy couple?

You said that we should all respect Sam and his choices. That he was happy with MM and so we, as fans, should be happy for him. So the next time you find them, you take a picture of this happiness for us, because we want to see it too, ok? Because every time we see Harry around her is not happiness that we see stamped in his face…

collage sam cara feia com mm

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After all this confusion, the happy couple did not appear at the Met Gala, as we already suspected. So we wondered: what was Harry doing in NY, anyway?

Ahhh, he was promoting his new movie “The spy who dumped me”!


Of course, Melissa was there to do Sam’s hair, and after her appointments she went out to eat, to drink a nice beer, to relax…

SIS found it curious that Sam had followed this restaurant’s IG a few months ago so we looked at the photo more closely and… caught who?!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-12 at 22.35.58

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-12 at 22.40.34


Harry himself, having lunch with Melissa!

That same day he met with two more fans on the streets of NY, but those were just fans!


Meanwhile, Dora was very quite on social midia. She liked some stuff, being one of them, on a shipper account. Look how cute:

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Here. Some little bees to liven up your night.

We kept thinking: did Blossom follow our advice and took her Wi-Fi away?


On Wednesday, right in the middle of a quiet afternoon, we received incredible news! Outlander has been renewed not only for one but for T W O seasons !!!

We can celebrate Sassenachs, we will still have lots of Jaime, Claire and many nights of: Sinnng me a sonnng of a lass that is goneee…



Harry and Dora commented on the news, and by the type of celebration, they seem to be quite grateful for two more seasons:

Screenshot_2 dserrrt

Screenshot_2 sam outlander


Cait and Sam also seem to be going through a curious case of Love for Goats. On Thursday she Rted an article about wild goats Sam almost instantly liked it…


Yesterday she posted this:


We are all in love with Frasers Ridges’s wee goats

tenor (2)

It was also reported that Sam and Cait are confirmed attendances at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards (BAFTA) that happens this afternoon!

SIS will be covering the entire live event on our IG account and in our closed group on FB. So you still not in there, run for it!

God knows what kind of roller coaster ride will be waiting for us today…



See you next sunday SISters, with more of StrangerThings…







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