Hey yo SISters & Bros, we are back!

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Tremble, boss, tremble!

Are we going to get more of the same of last week?

Maybe not, maybe he was just scrolling through his camera roll and found that beautiful pic of Dora.

Can you handle such beauty?

The day ends as it went by… in absolute silence.


Boss, today it’s the three day mark where Carrot Cake doesn’t post a stories, not even MPC related, we miss them!

Who would’ve known, intern, you, of all people, missing Carrot Cake’s stories!

Do you ken what that is?

But you’re right, yesterday we were looking through our archives and remembering last year, and how we were also going through the same calmness and because of that we also took a break from SM.

I wish we got nada this time, because this guy right here doesn’t know how things work on the Outlander world! 

Times are hard for the fandom after S4 and we want to know how to get better, not worse.

And this guy, who obviously has never seen Outlander, doesn’t understand the show, the actors, the characters, the writer or its fans.


Hon, Jamie will never be just a pretty sight for the feminine sore eyes.

His honor, his altruism, his courage, and his love for his family say so much more than Sam Heughan’s stunning beauty.

And Sam will never be just an “eye candy”, he fills and completes Jamie, a perfect union!

A complete actor and totally invested in his character.

There will not be another Jamie Fraser, not unless it’s Sam Heughan portrayal.

This premium woman you decided to label is not looking for a nice body. What Sam and Jamie have is every woman’s dream.

Character, dignity and intelligence, as well as good humor, are the key words and not just a pair of hard buttocks!

Outlander is much more than that. We love the show for its grand story, its rich and complex characters, the beauty of Scotland, the discovery of true love, loyalty and historical facts. I could write a million more reasons why this is our favorite show. 

Boss,  this creature should know that a loud mind is greater than a loud mouth.

It’s unfortunate to see that the channel who airs the show thinks so little of it.

And I say more, analyzing the thought of this gentleman, who holds such a high position in the company, we can conclude that: their interest is to sell Sam as a handsome actor, single and a womanizer.

And that’s exactly what they do.

Or do you think that in these last century’s minds would be interesting to sell the romance of the two main actors?

That would mean that their “Eye Candy”, the trump card to gain a female audience, is not available for the dream and consumption of thousands of lonely, dreamy women.

Understand, it’s not interesting to them. They think very little of us women.

Wake up, gentlemen, what world do you think you live in?

And Carrot Cake, just like us, enjoys going down memory lane. This is the Droughtlander effect.

One year, looks like it was yesterday!

And after that, the two of them disappeared all day, coming back only at the beginning of the night and, of course, people, they go together and come back together. For some (antis) it means nothing, but for others, the imagination runs wild!

Control yourself, girls, they must be rehearsing some more “complex” scenes for Outlander.

Boss, must be very “comple(se)xes’’ scenes.

Easy now, intern, things go slow, almost zero miles. No stress!

And Dora decided to stir up what would be our weekly and sacred break.

There were several interpretations for this post, but as I am an intern, I leave it to the boss to complete. Today is my day off, apparently!

We loved the tee, Dora. Also, everything looks good on you.

She made different posts on Twitter and on IG. On Twitter, she used Claire as a reference.

On IG, she only mentions the Doctor.

We met a certain Doctor, Doctor. And we know the interview given by the boss. Could it have been a subtle message?

Subtle as a pink elephant!

Meanwhile, Harry RTed a piece about his best pics. Some shirtless. 

Another message? 

When we thought the buzz was only among the fans, outraged by Mr. Premium’s interview, DG decided to speak up.

After all, she is the mother and came out to defend her child!

Dear mister Premium, you could have lived without reading that.

After that, the thing only got bigger, DG’s response reverberated in some media channels, as it should’ve been.

And that’s so good!

Pitiful, right?

Absolutely, intern. But some say that this was all a marketing strategy!


Yep, intern, and as we said before, STARZ knows how to sell a product! #YEAHNO 

And today, after a while, our couple decided to speak up about mr. Premium’s interview:

And Harry made some stories… 

YAY! He’s back!

We are anxiously waiting for the “Aye Candy” tees!

Good catch, Harry!  He has a good sense of humour.

Boss, mr. Premium should apply to be Harry’s intern, maybe he’ll learn how to use his intelligence!

Dora even liked many fan’s tweets and RTed his post.

Our leads see everything.

In happiness or in sadness! #Married

Today was waiting day. Oh the rain!

Ah! Life is about waiting, Dora. I’m waiting for you two to assume the life you live, the two of you… the three of you… or maybe the four of you?

Harry commented on Dora’s post before she posted it. #Cutie

Did you see that face? What a wonderful woman. #LuckyHarry

Probably, not so far from there, there was someone else waiting. David, Sam’s driver, posted this pic…

Harry “playing” on his phone or showing the not so good weather to someone.

In the evening, Harry posted about his podcast Clan Lands and decided to play with words.

Boss, maybe he’s needy? Dora, take action!

Sam Heughan is… everything he wishes to be!

Competence and determination he has in spare!


And that was another week, some speaking less, some speaking way too much!

A fool is made more of a fool, when their mouth is more open than their mind.

Bye Bye peeps! 





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