Let’s give a helping hand today, shall we? Awwwwnnnn!!


This column is about angels. No, not spiritual beings but real people who dedicate their time, love and sometimes even money to help those who need it. People who choose to do good no matter who.

SIS is very emotional right now.

SIS loves those who help others, so we decided to do a whole column about angels that makes the world a better place. That’s why SIS Angel came to life.

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Now, guess who is going to premiere this angelical column? If you guess, I’ll give you tacos! On him!


Sam Roland Heughan is an angel without a doubt. By finish reading this post, you can tell me if I’m right or not. That is if you agree already.

Let’s go:

Sam helps some institutions that research treatment for prostate, testicles and breast cancer – Cahonas, and for those with leukemia – Bloodwise. As if that weren’t enough, he also created a global community rooted in the belief that we can all effect positive change in our lives while helping others.

If you have done any research about him or is in the fandom for some time now, chances are you have already heard of MPC, but if you really haven’t, then come with us.

We will present it to you:

My Peak Challenge-MPC


The MPC is a global community that aims to encourage and motivate people to change their own lives while changing the others. There you can invest in a healthier life (physical and mental) while being encouraged to achieve your goals.

No, you did not read it wrong, YOU choose your own goals.

So they are not limited to having the body of your dreams, but also to read that book you want so much, to know a new place you like because they are exclusively personal goals – but with the help of professionals to achieve them.

We’ve already made a list for next summer, SIS MPC!

  • Join the next MPC
  • Re-read again the 8 Outlander books (or not!)
  • Climb the Mount Everest (Or look at it and exercise our imagination)
  • Go to Craig at Dunn (the stones on the show aren’t there, but it’s fine)
  • And finally conquer the body of our dreams.

Going back to serious – SIS can speak seriously when needed, but I have my doubts. It is very encouraging to be a part of a group that motivates you, which encourages you to do your best to benefit yourself.

When you sign up for the program, it is sent all the material, with all the knowledge you need to achieve these goals. Much of this has the touch of SAM. He uses it in his day to day training and beyond all this, you also help some institutions, because the MPC destinates part of the money that it collects to other institutions, like Bloodwise and Marie Curie.



Bloodwise is an organization that studies the most diverse types of blood cancer (leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and others), researching for cures, new ways to diagnose diseases and more effective treatments.

Marie Curie


Marie Curie defends that people facing terminal illnesses deserve a chance to enjoy their remaining time, however difficult it may be.

Cahonas Scotland

5f4bc418-7835-4c3c-975a-3dc618c77f59Cahonas is an institution that encourages the education needed for men (and their partners) to know more about specific types of cancer (prostate, testicles, and even breast cancer) and understand the importance of regular check ups.

Capturar sam and cait r45

With all these achievements, encouraging a happier and healthier life, helping yourself and others, isn’t he an angel?

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SIS reserved this space because we believe that angels do exists and they do make a difference in people’s life.




“…you’ll be helping others while helping yourself. MPC donates 50 percent of membership fees directly to our charity partners, Bloodwise, which supports blood-cancer research, and Marie Curie, which provides hospice and care to the terminally ill and their families…” MPC









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