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Hoje o nosso Flashback vai contar um pouco sobre o ano da nossa aniversariante Happy Hour da semana, Helena Bonham Carter , nasceu: ano de 1966 !

Pronto para viajar na nossa máquina do tempo? Então vamos lá…


Em 19 de janeiro, Indira Gandhi foi eleita primeiro-ministro da Índia e governou o país de 1966 a 1977 e, em seguida, de 1980 a 1984, o ano de sua morte.

Em fevereiro do mesmo ano, mais especificamente no dia 5, a sonda Lunik 9 soviética foi o primeiro objeto (construído pelo homem) a pousar na superfície lunar e a registrar imagens para estudos.

Filmes e séries

In 1966, premiered a great TV classic that would mark the history of entertainment as the first series filmed entirely in color, for until then, they were filmed in black and white and then painted afterwards. The series in question is Batman, with Adam West in the role of the The Batman itself and Burt Ward as his pupil.

Surely you remember the reference that Outlander made to this series during Season 3, when Claire prepares for its great and expected trip and makes her own Batsuit. If you do not remember, click here and we will refresh your memory.

Still in the big screen world, the Oscar for Best Picture went to our beloved classic “The Sound of Music”. Remembering that the movie industry was more advanced than the TV one, they would already film in colors.


Source: Top Billboards

The Fashion world

The miniskirt was the highlight of the year, as it began to be increasingly worn by the youth all around

The invasion of the mini skirt was so great that one of the most revolutionary series in TV history, Star Trek, joined the “mini model” (very mini by the way) for their female characters.


This was the 8th FIFA World Cup, in England, which they were champions! The English Team won West Germany by 4×2. Nothing more fair, since football appeared there, in England, in the year 1863.


It was in January 1966 that our so controversial Frank Randall died in the car accident.

Ufa … acho que foi um bom flashback, né?






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