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Today is Flashback day, day to enter the time tunnel, day to tell a little about the year when our Happy Hour birthday man of the week, the great Clint Eastwood Jr. was born: the year of 1930!

Ready? So fasten your seatbelts, the trip is about to start!!

Let’s go…


  • World

In February, Mahatma Gandhi started the Salt March, a demonstration whose main purpose was the independence of India, which at that time belonged to England.


In the same month, an American astronomer named Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered Pluto, that dwarf planet that until 2006 was considered the ninth planet of our Solar System, before being demoted.


In May, the doctor and great British writer, Arthur Conan Doyle, passed away.


Between deaths and births, in that year were born: The first man to step on the moon (in 1969), the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, and one of his crewmates, Michael Collins. Both were inside Apollo 11, the man’s first mission to step on the moon.

  • Brazil

In Brazil, in March, Julio Prestes won the presidential elections but was barred from taking office because of the 1930 Revolution.


Julio Prestes ran against Getúlio Vargas, who headed and articulated the Revolution that had as objective to end the political system known as “coffee with milk“.


Getúlio Vargas was from Rio Grande do Sul and granted the Constitution of 1937, which concentrated the powers of the executive branch even more, and was characterized by nationalism and populism.


  • Cinema & TV

By 1930 the sound movies were still the sensation of the moment everywhere.

The highest-grossing film was “Tom Sawyer” from Paramount Pictures studios, totaling $ 11,000,000.00.

Another great success was “Hell’s Angels“, from the United Artiststudio, with a total of $ 8,000,000.

The Oscar got its second edition this year and the best movie award went to Universal Studios’ “All Quiet on the Western Front“, which also won the Best Director Award for Lewis Milestone.

The Oscar for Best Actress went to Norma Shearer for her performance in “The Divorcee“, while the best actor award went to George Arliss for his role in “Disraeli“.

In December Silvio Santos was born, a television presenter, visionary entrepreneur and founder of the Brazilian Television System – SBT.


  • Music
  1. Happy Days Are Here Again” – Ben Selvin
  2. Puttin’ on The Ritz” – Harry Richman
  3. Ten Cents a Dance” – Ruth Etting
  4. The Peanut Vendor” – Don Azpiazu & his Havana Casino Orchestra
  5. Body & Soul” – Paul Whiteman
  6. Three Little Words” – Duke Ellington
  7. Stein Song (University of Maine)” – Rudy Vallee & his Connecticut Yankees
  8. On The Sunny Side of The Street” – Ted Lewis & his Orchestra
  9. Chant of The Jungle” – Roy Ingraham
  10. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes” – Nat Shilkret
  • Fashion

Because of the Depression of 1929, the year 1930 was marked as a reflection of the crisis and people began to use more sober, more sophisticated-looking visuals.

The short hair of women in the 1920s gave way to larger hair (still shorts for me, but ok…) and with wavy hairstyles.

The skirts were long at the ankles again and the dresses were tight and straight.

Perhaps the greatest innovation in women’s fashion has been the deep neckline on the back, which has become the new erogenous zone.

  • Sports

In January the São Paulo Football Club was founded, a great Brazilian team and one of the most important in the state of São Paulo (and, yes, the SISter who is writing this mini-column cheers for this team, with a lot of love and suffering…)


In July, the first FIFA World Cup began in Uruguay. The championship ended with the host country champion. That means, the country already makes history by receiving the first World Cup and ends up making double history, because it wins the trophy.






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